How to Care for Cotton Clothes from Sarabil to Avoid Damage


Sarabil is one of the most famous brands of cotton clothing in Egypt. Sarabil is known for the quality of its clothes and its beautiful designs, but like any other clothing, Sarabil cotton clothes require proper care to keep them in their best condition for as long as possible.

Tips for Washing Sarabil Cotton Clothes:

  • Read the washing instructions label: Make sure to read the washing instructions label on each garment before washing it. The label will indicate the appropriate water temperature, the type of detergent to use, and the washing method (washing machine or hand washing).
  • Sort clothes: Sort clothes by color (white, light, dark) before washing. Sort clothes by fabric type (cotton, wool, silk).
  • Use a mild detergent: Use a mild detergent that is suitable for cotton clothes. Avoid using detergents that contain harsh chemicals.
  • Set the wash cycle: Select a wash cycle that is appropriate for the fabric type and the level of dirtiness. Use a gentle wash cycle for delicate clothes.
  • Drying clothes: Air-dry clothes if possible. Use the dryer on a low heat setting.
  • Ironing clothes: Iron clothes while they are damp if possible. Use an iron on a temperature that is appropriate for the fabric type.

Additional Tips for Caring for Sarabil Cotton Clothes:

  • Storing clothes: Store clothes in a cool, dry place. Hang clothes on appropriate hangers. Fold clothes carefully to avoid wrinkles.
  • Removing stains: Treat stains as soon as they occur. Use a stain remover that is suitable for the fabric type.
  • Repairing clothes: Repair any holes or tears in clothes immediately. Use threads that are suitable for the fabric type.

Specific Tips for Sarabil Clothes:

  • Wash white Sarabil clothes separately: Wash white Sarabil clothes separately from colored clothes to prevent staining.
  • Do not use bleach on colored Sarabil clothes: Bleach can cause the colors of colored Sarabil clothes to fade.
  • Iron Sarabil clothes at a low temperature: High temperatures can damage some types of Sarabil fabrics.


By following these tips, you can keep your Sarabil cotton clothes in their best condition for as long as possible. Remember that taking good care of your clothes will help you save money and buy new clothes less often.

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