About Us

Sarabil : where high-end style meets in fashion

Welcome to Sarabil, the leading company in Egypt and the Middle East, dedicated to redefining fashion with our exceptional line of T-shirts. We are proud to present our products, made of 100% premium cotton, offering braille support for effortless color identification and appearance.

Uncompromising Quality : At Sarabil, We believe in providing high-quality clothing. Our shirts are meticulously designed using 100% premium cotton, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel on your skin. Our commitment to using superior quality materials ensures that our shirts maintain their shape, color and overall quality, Providing long-lasting Satisfaction.

Braille support : we are proud to support Braille as a service in all our products to make life easier for the blind . Each T-shirt in our collection features Braille writing, making it accessible for visually impaired individuals to effortlessly determine the colors and appearance of the product. With Braille, we ensure a comprehensive and convenient shopping experience for everyone.

Vibrant colors and sizes : Express your unique style with our wide range of vibrant colors. From timeless neutral colors to bold and captivating shades, sarabil offers a variety to meet your individual taste. Our shirts are available in different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every body type. Embrace the confidence and comfort that comes with a well-fitted T-shirt.

Flawless appearance with Braille details : Our shirts not only provide exceptional comfort, but also display delicate design and craftsmanship. Each T-shirt features Braille writing, which allows visually impaired individuals to effortlessly determine the colors and appearance of the product. Every detail is carefully executed, resulting in a stylish and refined T-shirt that elevates your overall look.

Experience the all-round Fashion Revolution with Mirage. As the first company in Egypt and the Middle East to provide braille support for our products, we are proud to break barriers . Choose sarabil for 100% cotton T-shirts that offer uncompromising Quality

Upgrade your wardrobe with Braille-backed sarabil shirts today. Join us in embracing a world where fashion knows no boundaries . Order now and be part of our journey to make fashion accessible to everyone.